On New Year's Resolutions

"Lose weight" is usually the most often referred to resolution for every new year. On December 31st, the population of the developed world that happens to consume a few too many calories always looks at the waist line and figures that something needs a change. Obviously if people actually took control and lost weight, we would see a decline in the amount of resolutions resembling the decree that one will (finally) fit in smaller-sized clothing.

One of the reasons I believe this never happens is because of the very nature of the New Year. With a new slate, people may seem to think things will take care of itself. The repetition of the process speaks to the ability of people to put off and put off and put off the actual effort required to accomplish something like weight loss. Procrastination is the mother of many failures because it is something that accumulates sloth and turns it into a habit, much like a cartoonish snowball rolling down a mountain side. Basically a great piece of advice: If you say you're going to do something, do it.

No matter how much dread you assign to the work involved to complete a task, getting it done always tastes much sweeter. It is so hard to recognize this prior to the completion of the task, but it never fails to amaze me how good one feels after the fact (and this is coming from a guy who suffers from major procrastination bouts). If people around you have to deal with your procrastination, it just adds to the dissatisfaction.

Now what does this have to do with religion per se? Nothing really. But it is definitely topical to the case of the New Year in this 2011. If I were to put a religious spin on this topic, maybe I would urge the moderate community to take their religion seriously. Obviously there is a double-edged sword to encouraging this since a literal or intense interpretation of holy scripts may lead to a hard-line dogmatism, but on the flip side, there is an opportunity there for people to actually learn about religion, the arguments for and against the existence of God, and maybe even come closer to what they perceive as God if it is something that they desire. This goes back to my point about doing what you say you are going to do or are doing. If you consider yourself as religious, please study the topic critically. Intellectual laziness is something that plagues the masses, and I don't say this in the form of condescension; it isn't something people perceive to have the time of day for, but I believe inquiry into topics such as science and philosophy and history have rewards that people don't really account for upon initial consideration. I believe if people put the effort into educating themselves for the sake of knowledge while damning the potential hazards in the way, they will feel much better about their state of affairs.

At any rate, have a great 2011!


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SLS on January 12, 2011 at 8:41 AM said...

Well said EH


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